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AT&T Phone

More Savings, More Talking

AT&T® U-verse Voice is – now AT&T Home Phone – is the service that delivers super functional calling features, superior digital sound quality and calling plans for both national and international users. It’s the right AT&T Home Phone service for customers wanting quality talk time with affordable rates, around the world. For even more savings and convenience, browse AT&T U-verse® bundles to match AT&T Home Phone service with Internet or U-verse® TV.

The Right Phone Plan for You

Enjoy the clarity and convenience of digital home phone service.

Phone Unlimited North America

Unlimited Minutes

From only

with qualifying bundle
  • Enjoy unlimited minutes in the U.S. and U.S. Territories
  • Call Forwarding and Caller ID features included
  • Get AT&T Messaging with the ability to integrate your AT&T  Voice and Wireless from AT&T into a single mailbox

Triple Play - TV+Phone+Internet

Now All Included Pricing!

2 year pricing w/ 12 mo. TV/Internet/Voice agreements required. CPE now included! Additional fees apply . Internet incl 250GB data/mo. $10 for each additional l 50GB.
  • Internet incl 250GB data/mo. $10 chrg for each add’l 50GB
  • U-Family TV, up to 6 Mbps Internet, plus Voice
  • All included pricing!  TV+ Internet with CPE included.
  • 2-year locked in pricing!
  • Over 360 channels with Total Home DVR® included

Key Features AT&T® Phone

Get advanced features like:

  • Call Screening – You will only accept calls from a select list of phone numbers
  • Call Transfer – Enjoy sending a call that’s already in progress to a completely different phone number
  • Locate Me – Provides a simultaneous ringing on up to four wireless/landline numbers, when someone calls

AT&T U-verse® Voice – Now AT&T® Home Phone – takes Home Phone service to the next level. Talking on the phone has never sounded better, but AT&T Voice is about more than just stellar sound quality. With a variety of national and international calling plans, it’s about choice and finding the right calling plan for your communication needs and budget. And no matter what plan you choose, AT&T Voice home phone service comes with over 20 features, including standard favorites like Voicemail, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding. Plus, advanced features like Call Screening, Call Transfer, and Locate Me, which provide simultaneous ringing on up to 4 other phones.


Get interactive features:

  • Call History – A list of your call history, by date and time, either online or on your TV
  • Click to Call – The ability to return a phone call using your U-verse® TV
  • Caller ID on TV – Get Caller ID and Voice Mail notifications on your TV

Get standard home features:

  • Voicemail – a collection of messages on your own personal inbox
  • Call Waiting – the ability to keep a caller on hold, while talking on the other line
  • Call Forwarding – the ability to send a call to another number
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