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AT&T U-verse® Internet: Guaranteed Speed

Forget about forking over your life savings in order to taste the delight of high-speed Internet. AT&T U-verse® Internet delivers top-notch connectivity at an affordable rate. No matter what your speed expectations are, there's an AT&T Internet plan that is ready to surpass your expectations without stretching your budget. Whether you simply need a no-fuss connection for checking emails or you require a fail proof speed performance for steady movie streaming, there's a tried and true AT&T plan waiting just for you. With reliability, security and value set as priorities, AT&T U-verse® keeps you connected at home and on the go with more than 30,000 hotspots strategically positioned nationwide. Plus, when you combine your U-verse® Internet with other AT&T services, like TV and Voice, you'll experience extra features and savings. AT&T is currently offering some superb deals on U-verse® Internet, so snatch yours before it's too late.

AT&T understands that the one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work when it comes to Internet plans. That's why they give customers a variety of standout plans to choose from. AT&T's Max Turbo Internet package will definitely catch the eye of gamers and multi-tasking movie streamers who need super-fast speeds up to 24 Mbps. Others may be more interested in the most affordable AT&T Internet package, the Pro plan, which delivers dependable connectivity ideal for checking emails, online banking, shopping and posting photos. But that's not all—there are several choices in-between which make up a convenient spectrum capable of satisfying every demand and budget.

Whichever U-verse® Internet plan you select, you can be confident in receiving the reliability and security that AT&T is known for. With U-verse® Internet, the entire home will be blanketed with an impeccable WI-FI connection, thanks to the U-verse® Wireless Gateway that includes a router and home networking system for multiple smart devices. Plus, devices are protected with virus and spyware software, a two-way firewall, SpamGuard, and additional Parental Controls so you have total command of your devices while keeping spammers and hackers at bay. And no matter how jammed your inbox gets, you'll stay connected with virtually unlimited email storage, 10 email accounts, email forwarding settings, and free Yahoo! services. Not to mention, you'll gain immediate access to AT&T's national Wi-Fi network, which features over 30,000 conveniently located hotspots.

Elevate your Internet service by bundling your selected plan with AT&T U-verse® Voice and TV services, and you'll truly be taking a step into the future. An interactive home system with total service integration enables you to enjoy services across platforms. This means you can check your email straight from the TV screen, answer phone calls while watching shows, and program your DVR from a mobile device away from home. And it's affordable! In fact, bundling U-verse® Internet, TV and Voice simplifies your billing activity while cutting down the cost per service ratio!

The facts are simple: AT&T U-verse® Internet delivers higher speeds for a lower cost. Select the service plan that fits your connection usage and budget, and then start enjoying Internet in a completely new way. Refresh the way you interact with the web by taking advantage of AT&T's nationwide WI-FI network on the go and exploring the additional service features that AT&T has available. This really is new-wave Internet, unlike any residential services previously available. AT&T U-verse® Internet is fast, reliable, and affordable. But these deals are bound to be snatched up quickly, so make sure you get yours first! Get started today, and experience the unbeatable performance of AT&T U-verse® Internet by picking up the perfect plan for your household. The savings are right there for the taking!