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What is AT&T U-Verse Digital TV?

U-Verse® TV is the next generation of digital entertainment from AT&T. Sign up for U-verse TV and instantly upgrade your television viewing experience to all-digital picture and sound. With over 480 channels to choose from, you'll have a world of entertainment to choose from. Your service includes access to 185 channels of crystal-clear, high-definition entertainment. Plus, you don't need to keep glued to your TV to catch your favorite shows. U-verse TV includes access to an extensive library of on-demand programming, so you can watch your favorite shows on your time. You can even record up to four programs at a time and play them back on any TV in your home using the revolutionary U-Verse DVR.
AT&T includes a ton of entertainment options with your U-verse TV service. Choose from hundreds of channels of all-digital entertainment. Your channel lineup is fully customized with access to premium add-ons like Showtime®, HBO®, sports packages, and much more. Enjoy access to 185 channels of HD entertainment and catch your favorite shows in stunning high-definition. Your entertainment options go beyond TV, you can rent newly released movies on-demand, access pay-per-view programming, and much more.
The revolutionary AT&T Total Home® DVR is transforming the way our customers watch TV. Now, you can record up to four different shows at the same time and play them back on any TV in your home. You can pause your show, walk to another TV, and start your show right from where you left off.  Plus, you get access to U-verse TV features, including exclusive U-Verse movies, on-demand entertainment, PPV events, integrated parental controls, and much more.To get the most value out of your U-verse TV service, you need to take advantage of bundling discounts by combining your service with AT&T Internet and AT&T Phone. You'll enjoy discounted rates and unique interactive features when you bundle all three services. You can manage all of your phone calls and emails without interrupting the show you've been watching. Or, you can program your DVR from your mobile device, so you'll never miss another episode because you're away from home. If you're a gamer, you can even integrate your U-Verse service with your X-Box gaming console and seamlessly switch back and forth between games and TV.
AT&T is revolutionizing the way customers watch TV.  With all the value provided by bundling U-verse TV and other AT&T services, it's an ideal option for customers with an appetite for entertainment. Enjoy up to 550 crystal-clear digital channels - with 185 broadcasting in brilliant high-definition - and choose from a variety of affordable add-ons to customize your viewing experience. Plus, with AT&T's Total Home DVR, you'll never miss another show again.
What are you waiting for? Stop overpaying for digital entertainment that under-delivers. Get the best service from the leading provider by bundling AT&T U-verse TV with AT&T Internet and Phone. Enjoy discounted rates, unique interactive features, and more.
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